Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security

David Fletcher

Security Analyst

Black Hills Information Security

David has extensive experience in a wide array of IT disciplines having worked in the industry for 25 years. His experience includes enterprise system administration, application and database development, network defense, and cyber research and development. He is a graduate of the SANS Technology Institute MSISE program, holds many certifications (including GSE), and teaches the SANS SEC504 and SEC560 courses.

Rick Goins

Protective Security Advisor for Missouri,

US Department of Homeland Security

Mr. Goins will be speaking about cybersecurity and K-12. Quick Bio on Mr. Goins – Currently serving as the Protective Security Advisor (PSA) assigned to Missouri for the US Department of Homeland Security. Conducting security assessments, exercises and training for the private sector as well as responding to manmade and natural disasters. Prior to that he was employed by the State of Missouri assisting to create the Critical Asset Protection Program office.  He also retired from active duty military in the US Army where he was deployed to over 70 countries, in various assignments from the 82nd Airborne, C4 Program, Special Operations and the Defense Intelligence Agency, He has served on the American Society for Industrial Security Board for School and Safety for over six years, and Certified Homeland Security Level V for over 10 years.