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MOTechTalk2017 is a highly technical two day conference event with Missouri School District Technology Departments in mind. Spend two jam packed days focusing on the future of your district’s technology program. What makes this conference so different? Every detail is planned by folks who work for School District Technology Departments in Missouri. This is NOT an instructional tech conference – This is a Tech Dept conference.

What Information You’ll Leave With:

  • Data Governance and Data Security Best Practices
  • Malware Defenses and Network Penetration Testing
  • School District Networking
  • Windows 10 and Windows Server
  • 1:1 Best Practices
  • And so much more… Check out the conference schedule!

Experienced Presenters

Tech leaders with years of experience in K-12 I.T.

Technical Topics

Focused intermediate and advanced technical topics

Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks Included

Meals provided by Platinum Sponsors

Round Table Discussions

Discover what other districts are doing in security, 1:1, & more!

Knowledge to make an impact

Methods & processes that you can implement at your school district

Don't miss out on this chance to learn with and collaborate with some of the best and brightest in the state.

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Schedule update - Day 2’s 2:50-3:50 Begnell room session will be “Student Technicians Repairing 1:1 Devices.”

can not confirm or deny that special lights and smoke machines will be at the Battles sessions

Download the #MOTechTalk2017 conference schedule here... https://t.co/UiSme7h9FF

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DAY 1: July 17th
7:30-8:30 Registration & Breakfast provided by Provision Data Solutions

Keynote in Grand/General Session – Missouri State Auditor’s Office

Speaker: Jeff Thelen
8:30 – 10:00

Sessions - Windows 10 & Using SCCM, Networking 101, 1:1 Best Practices, Technology Vision, Best Phone Systems

Speakers: Steven Schaefer, Josh Bauman/Adam Boley, Debbie Smith, Jason Rooks, Joseph Landgraf
10:10 – 11:10
11:10-11:20 Snacks in Grand Foyer provided by RTI

Sessions: Windows 10 & Using SCCM Cont., Networking 101 Cont., Device Policy Management & Secure Access, Windows Server Advanced DNS, Using Veeam

Speakers: Steven Schaefer, Josh Bauman/Adam Boley, PDS, Jason Roussin, SomethingCool.com
11:20 – 12:20
12:20-1:40 Lunch in Glaize-Osage provided by Provision Data Solutions

Sessions: Battle of Content Filters, Google Admin Console, Network Security, Round Table on 1:1 Insurance, CIPA

Speakers: Chris Warden/Josh Bauman/Jason Rooks/Jim Wagner/Lightspeed/Securly/GoGuardian/Smoothwall, Patrick Dunham, PDS, Debbie Smith, Ben Moss

1:40 – 2:40

2:40-2:50 Snacks in Grand Foyer provided by RTI

Vendor Showcases, Sponsors in Grand Foyer, and Bring-your-own-topic

Vendors: SomethingCool.com, Provision Data Solutions, Essential Network Technologies, RTI
2:50 – 3:50
DAY 2: July 18th

Breakfast provided by SomethingCool.com in Grand/General Session

7:30 – 8:30

Keynote Slam ``Worst Day in K-12 Tech`` & Prizes, Keynote ``Worst Month in K-12 Tech`` - Grand/General Session

Speakers: Chris Warden, Josh Bauman, Jason Roussin, Patrick Dunham, Debbie Smith, Jason Rooks, JB Mette
8:30 – 10:00

Sessions: Pen Testing, Response to a Phishing Attack, 1:1 with Chromebooks, Good Tech Dept Boss, Upgrading Windows Server & Server 2016

Speakers: Jason Roussin, Jim Wagner, Adam Touchette, Jason Rooks, SomethingCool.com
10:10 – 11:10
11:10-11:20 Snacks in Grand Foyer provided by Essential Network Technologies

Sessions: Pen Testing Cont., Round Table on School District Security Best Practices, Linux in Missouri's Schools, Battle of Firewalls, Google Monitoring Tools

Speakers: Jason Roussin, Jason Rooks/Kathy Bellew, Patrick Dunham/Jim Wagner/Adam Touchette/Smoothwall, Chris Warden
11:20 – 12:20
12:20-1:40 Lunch in Glaize-Osage provided by SomethingCool.com

Sessions: MOREnet Network and Security Consulting , Data Governance & Data Security, Round Table on 1:1 Filtering, Disaster Recovery, Battle of Wireless

Speaker: Patti Dudenhoeffer/Kathy Bellew/Adam Boley, Patrick Dunham, Joseph Landgraf, SomethingCool.com, Josh Bauman/Adam Touchette/Ace Powell
1:40 – 2:40
2:40-2:50 Snacks in Grand Foyer provided by Essential Network Technologies

Sessions: Round Table on Data Governance and Data Security, HP's Data Storage in K-12, Lightspeed Vendor Showcase (Using Relay for Chrome), Securly Vendor Showcase (Securly in 1:1 initiatives), GoGuardian Vendor Showcase

Speaker: Jason Rooks/Chris Warden/Patrick Dunham/PDS, PDS, Lightspeed, Securly, GoGuardian
2:50 – 3:50
3:55-4:05 Grand/General Session – Grand Prizes and Closing



A Purely Technical Conference

Each and every session of MOTechTalk2017 is designed to be either an intermediate or advanced level session that will help K-12 I.T. staff across the state improve their skills and take knowledge back to their school district that will improve the school district’s overall technology program and make a tech’s life easier. This is a technical conference; there are NO instructional sessions at this conference.

Experienced Presenters

MOTechTalk2017’s presenters and speakers have years of experience working in schools across the state of Missouri and have a wide variety of expertise in areas such as data governance, security, Windows Server, networking, disaster recovery, and much more!

Security and Data Governance in Mind

The round of security audits by the state that took place last year have many school district technology departments looking for information on data governance and data security best practices. Jeff Thelen from the Missouri State Auditor’s Office and Patrick Dunham, whose school district was one that was audited, will be discussing these issues.

A Tech Conference by Tech Departments

This conference was created based upon feedback from many schools across the state of Missouri. Many of you wanted a conference that was dedicated purely to technology departments. This conference is presented by techs and directors from many school district technology departments. Please don’t miss out on this chance to learn with and collaborate with some of the best and brightest in the state!

Trends and Best Practices

Discover what other I.T. Departments in the state are doing when it comes to 1:1, content filters, firewalls, wireless, phone systems, and more.


Based upon feedback and conference planning surveys filled out by school district technology departments, we only invited the top vendors that were said to be trusted by school district technology departments across the state of Missouri. These sponsors support the technology in Missouri school districts well!



Early Bird Tickets were $100 if purchased on/before June 18th.

For this price you’ll get:

  • A light breakfast and full lunch on Monday and Tuesday
  • Snacks during breaks
  • Technical focused sessions
  • Experienced presenters

And More!

We’re still finalizing plans…

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